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LBP (Motor Driven Drum Can Pump)


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• Use of a geared motor has resulted in a simpler mechanism. (Outdoor specifications (IP54 or equivalent) have been adopted for the motor.)
• The mechanism of this pump has been simplified, which means that the pump body alone is a light 65 kg or so.
• Adoption of an optional lifter enables the drum can to be easily replaced.

Note: This pump is basically compatible with the H400 type motor driven pump, which already has a proven track record, consult with us when replacing the H400 pump.

• A replenisher pump is no longer needed as this is a drum can mounted type lubrication pump.
• Attachment of a follower plate has reduced the amount of residual grease and allows grease to be used more effectively.
• Both single line and dual line systems can be supported as models of this pump are available for both systems.
• The suction performance of high-viscosity grease has been improved by adoption of a piston valve system at the suction port and enhancing cut-off performance.


Max. operating pressure (MPa) 21
Discharge quantity (cm3/min) According to specification table (75/90 to 316/380)
Power supply (3-phase) AC 200/220 V (50/60 Hz)
AC 400/440 V (50/60 Hz)
Drum can used 200 L drum can
Grease used NLGI No.0 to No2.
(Note, however, that the consistency shall be 240 or more at the operating temperature.)
Piping system Single line, dual line
Model LBP08 LBP10 LBP20 LBP40
Discharge quantity(cm3 /min(50/60Hz)) 75/90 100/120 158/190 316/380
Max. discharge pressure (MPa) 21
Safety valve pressure (MPa) 25
Motor specifications 0.2 kW,
speed reduction ratio 1/59
0.2 kW,
speed reduction ratio 1/43
0.4 kW,
speed reduction ratio 1/21
Accessories with follower plate, with low level switch, with drum can access door
Weight (kg) Approx. 65
Number of lubricating ports 200 300 600 800

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