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MB (Motor Driven Grease Pump)


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This motor driven grease pump is used in single line centralized lubricating systems.
This automatic lubricating system has been designed to be simple and streamlined, and uses a single-piston pump mechanism which is driven by a geared motor.

• Motor Capacity Reduced Due to Improved Efficiency
Use of a geared motor drive has improved efficiency, and this has reduced motor output to one half of that of previous pump types (in-house comparison).
• Simple Pump Mechanism
As a result of a non-spring check valve and single-piston pump mechanism, the pump mechanism is kept simple and is almost fault-free.
• Low-cost Automatic Lubrication
The pump and control panel are integrated, which enables easy automatic lubrication. Also, even more substantial automatic lubrication is possible if this pump is configured as a set with a separately installed standard electric control panel.


Discharge quantity (cm/min) Max. operating pressure (MPa) Pump rotation speed (min-1) Electric motor Weight (kg)
50Hz 60Hz 50Hz 60Hz Direction ofrotation Output (kW)
300 360 21 41.4 50 Direction is reversible 0.4 Approx. 40

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