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LPP-R (Motor Driven Pail Can Pump)



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This pump comprises an elevator unit, that houses the main components (geared motor, solenoid valve (only dual line) and a pressure switch), a column with built-in gas spring, and a common base.
The pump unit is supported by the gas spring. When replacing the pail can, the pump unit can be raised or lowered by separating the follower plate and the contact surface of the residual grease by injecting air from the air injection port for pail can removal, and by operating this gas spring with little force, which allows the pail can to be replaced without much effort.
Also, the main components are enclosed inside the cover of the elevator unit. This results in a simple exterior and protects components inside from dust and foreign matter.

• As a gas spring and air injection are used, the pail can can be raised or lowered by one-touch operation requiring little force. This makes it easy to replace the pail can.
• Both 16 kg and 18 kg pail cans are supported.
• Use of a follower plate enables grease to be used more effectively.
• A level gauge is attached to the pump to allow the amount of residual grease to be checked visually. The low level position also can be adjusted as desired.
• A piston valve system has been adopted to increase discharge performance.
• A strainer is attached at the suction section to protect the pump from foreign matter.
• Both UK and US type valves are supported as the pump is delivered with a UK type valve installed on the air injection port and a US type valve provided as an accessory.


LPP-R * AK ** -11 (single) LPP-R * AN *** -11 (dual)
Pump Discharge
quantity type
08 1 2 3 08 1 2 3
Max. operating
pressure (MPa)
29/35 38/46 58/70 83/100 29/35 38/46 58/70 83/100
Safety valve set
pressure (MPa)
Pressure switch set pressure
Induction motor Voltage 10: 100 V AC single-phase 50/60 Hz Not set 10: 100 V AC single-phase 50/60 Hz Not set
20: 200/220 V AC 3-phase 50/60 Hz
40: 400/440 V AC 3-phase 50/60 Hz
Output x
Number of Poles
90W × 4P
Speed reduction
1/100 1/75 1/50 1/36 1/100 1/75 1/50 1/36
Tank capacity 18 kg or 16 kg pail can
Pail can residual amount
initial setting
Direction of rotation Direction is reversible
Grease used NLGI consistency #0 to #2 (This shall have be unworked with the consistency of 240 or
more at the operating temperature.)
Operating temperature range (°C) 0 to 40
Protective construction Indoor/open type
Weight (kg) Approx. 52 (excluding pail can) Approx. 58 (excluding pail can)

Note) All specifications include a setting for single line or dual line.

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