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Trolley grease feeder


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The CS-020W type Trolley grease feeder features improved greasing reliability and enhanced ease of use, and can be used on an even wider range of conveyors than ever before.
This feeder can be easily installed thanks to a more compact and lighter weight design. It uses factory air to automatically and reliably feed grease during conveyor operation to ensure that conveyors run most efficiently.

• A proprietary control circuit enables greasing over a wide range, from low through to high speeds.

• A new type of push mechanism (fixed greasing amount system) and a lighter weight greasing head improve conveyor trackability, which ensures reliable lubrication by small quantities of grease.
• A new type of guide lever mechanism makes operation even more reliable.
• The adopted breakage prevention structure features, for example, a flexible push mechanism that greases the left and right rollers at the same time while moving in parallel with the conveyor.


Air pressure (MPa) 0.4 to 0.5
Lubricant supply pressure (MPa) 3 to 10
Air consumption (Nr/cycle) 1/at0.4MPa
Conveyor speed x roller pitch See figure at right
Roller horizontal run-out tolerance (mm) ±6
Roller vertical run-out tolerance (mm) ±3
Guide diameter Arm guide (mm) 24 to 60
Roller guide (mm) 50 to 82
Roller diameter (mm) 50 to 82
Grease nipple model JIS B1575 A type or roller built-in type
Discharge quantity (cm3/stroke) 0.35
Lubricant used NLGI consistency #0 to #2
Ambient temperature (°C) 5 to 60
Weight (kg) 17

• The above guide and roller diameters are used as the standard. Consult us separately if you want non-standard guides and rollers produced.• The above grease nipple is used as the standard. Consult us separately if you want non-standard grease nipples produced.

Relationship Between Roller Pitch and Conveyor Speed


• Let the horizontal axis be the roller pitch (P) and the vertical axis be the conveyor speed (S), and an area be formed by pitch 100 mm or more and speed 18 m/min or less. This greaser can be used when the intersection point of pitch and conveyor speed is in the possible greasing range.

(Example) When the roller pitch P is 150 mm and conveyor speed S is 5 m/min, the intersection point is found on the right-side area, as shown by the dotted line in the diagram, and so lubrication is possible,

Conveyor acquisition method

Explanation of Model Symbols

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