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SPROIL (Spray Lubricating System)


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Although various methods of lubricating machine gears, cams and chains, such as the conventional drip, oil bath and mist lubrication methods, are adopted depending on the situation, each of these systems has their own strengths and weaknesses. In particular, the mist lubrication method has the disadvantages that performance is unstable and the work environment is contaminated unless mist is collected properly.
The Daikin SPROIL system discharges large spray particles. For this reason, it does not contaminate the surroundings and features a high spray pressure and consistent supply quantity, which makes it an ideal system.

• Accurate Spray Timing
The time from output of the spray signal up to when spraying is started is 0.03 seconds and the spray time is short and consistent at 0.02 seconds/shot. This allows accurate spraying matched to the timing of moving objects.
• Powerful Spray Penetrates Inside
Spray force is a powerful 5 MPa, which ensures that lubricating oil reaches the inside of bearings.
• Sprays In All Directions
Spray is performed in all directions not just horizontally.
• Micro-sized Spray Amounts
The amount of spray per shot is a very small 0.07 cm3.
• Atmosphere Is Kept CleanSpray particles are about 500 μ in diameter (approx. 100X mist), which means that the ambient atmosphere is not contaminated.


Operating air pressure 0.3 to 0.5 MPa
Oil viscosity Within 400 mm2/s (in case of rod-shaped spray, 1,000 mm2/s)
Discharge quantity Discharge quantity 0.07 cm3/shot
Spray cycle time Min. 0.5 sec/cycle
Spray time per shot 0.02 sec

Spray Unit Model Symbols

Model Tank Number of discharging
Accessories and
functional parts
LSR-16 3.5ℓ 16
LSR-8 3.5ℓ 8
LSR-8F 3.5ℓ 8 with float switch
MSR-8 1.5ℓ 8

• Designate the number of discharging ports when using at the above number of discharging ports or below.
• Consult with us separately if use of a large-capacity tank is desired.

Spray Nozzle Model Symbols

Model Spray shape
NF Fan-shaped
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