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AKA.AKAC (Motor Driven Grease Pumps)


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This motor driven grease pump is used in single line centralized lubricating systems. This automatic lubricating system has been designed to be simple and streamlined, and uses a single-piston pump mechanism which is driven by a geared motor.
• Motor Capacity Reduced By Improved Efficiency
Use of a geared motor drive has improved efficiency, and this has reduced motor output to one half of that of previous models (in-house comparison).
• Simple Pump Mechanism
As a result of a non-spring check valve and single-piston pump mechanism, the pump mechanism is kept simple and is almost fault-free.
• Low-cost Automatic Lubrication
The pump and control panel are integrated, which enables easy automatic lubrication. Also, even more substantial automatic lubrication is possible if this pump is operated with a separately installed standard electric control panel.


Model symbol Discharge quantity


Electric motor output(kW) Direction of


50Hz 60Hz
AKA-104AK-※※-※※ 30 36  21 0.1 (speed reduction ratio 1/40) Direction is
4 48
AKA-108AK-※※-※※ 8 52
AKA-115AK-※※-※※ 15 94
AKA-125AK-※※-※※ 25 102
AKA-104AKP-※※-※※ 4 41
AKA-108AKP-※※-※※ 8 44
AKA-104BKP-※※-※※ 30 36 10 4 37
AKA-108BKP-※※-※※ 8 40

• The set pressures of the safety valve are 23 MPa for grease and 13 MPa for oil, respectively.
• As this is an indoor type pump, protection such as installing the pump inside a cubicle is required, for example, when it is to be used outdoors or in poor environmental conditions.
• Select NLGI consistency #0 to #1 for centralized lubrication for the grease used. (Note, however, the grease used shall be unworked with the consistency of 240 or more at the operating temperature.)
• Foundation bolts are not included.

Explanation of Model Symbols

Note) Attachment of electric control panel
• The EK-3(T) control panel is attached only on the AKAC-108 type.
• Only a low level switch can be connected and controlled on the 3(T) type control panel.
• Note that the high level switch cannot be connected. When performing high level switch control, consult with us.
• Items marked by an asterisk * are applicable to only the AKA-104 and 108 types.

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