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KM (Manually Operated Grease Pump)


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This compact pump is easy to handle. It is best suited to lubricating systems that have short pipes at relatively low lubrication frequency points and that have few lubricating ports.
• Simplified Pipeline
The pipe diameter has been made narrow with the use of a high-pressure pump, which makes lubrication possible over a wide area. This results in reduced piping costs and improved lubrication reliability.
• Simple Handling and Operation
This pump is compact and easy to use and light handle operation allows handy use.
• Solid and Simple Structure
This pump is designed in a simple structure and features an almost fault-free mechanism, which reduces the time and effort needed in maintenance.


Model symbol Discharge quantity
Max. operating
pressure (MPa)
Tank capacity
Lubricant Weight
KM-42AK 3.5 21 2.0 Centralized lubricating grease
NLGI consistency #0 to #1
KM-52AK 4.0 21
KM-32AKP 3.5 21 1.6 15
KM-52AKP 3.0 16
KM-3BKP 7.0 10 1.6 Oil 15
KM-5BKP 3.0 16

• Be sure to use this pump indoors.
• The grease used is NLGI consistency #0 to #1 for centralized lubrication.
• The grease used shall be unworked with the consistency of 240 or more at the operating temperature.

Explanation of Model Symbols

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