Providing Reliable Support for Your Diversified Lubrication Production / Plans


Broad Ranges of Lubricating Systems are Available to Choose From to Meet the Needs of Your Diversifying Mechanical Equipment.

Daikin supports the functions of your mechanical facilities with efficient and reliable lubrication.

Our centralized lubricating systems cover a broad range of industrial machinery from large-size down to medium- and small-size equipment.
We achieve this by providing a substantial lineup of exclusive lubricating system.
Special lubricating system available in plentiful line-ups.
We, Daikin, will propose the lubricating system best suitable for each equipment and facility to perform the efficient, reliable oil supply.

Features of Centralized Lubricating Systems

Planned Lubrication

Planned lubrication and quantity unaffected by environmental conditions result in more efficient lubricant use.


Cost Savings

Our efficient lubrication realizes savings in lubricant and workload, and minimal wear of bearings. Power also can be saved, which additionally extends the life of equipment and facilities.


Operation Rate Improvements

Ideal lubrication both prevents equipment and facility failure and increases operating rate.


Efficient Lubrication

Automatic and rapid lubrication ensures labor savings in lubrication work without any lapses.


Lubricant Degradation Prevention

Degradation of lubricant and contamination by foreign matter can be prevented as lubricant is not in contact with outside air from the tank up to lubrication points.

Hazard Control

Lubrication can be performed safely during machine operation and also to high and/or hazardous locations with no troubles. This prevents accidents from occurring during lubrication work.

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