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Dual/Single Line

Control Panel

制御盤This panel ensures trouble-free operation of centralized lubricating systems, and centrally controls savings in factory manpower through automatic operation.

(Grease Filling Pumps)

lbp形電動ドラム缶ポンプTwo types of pump are available, the PF type manually operated filler pack and EFP type motor driven filler pack. Both types greatly reduce actual working hours.

(Grease Filling Pump)

ba This pump is started and stopped by push button operation, and the pump is automatically stopped by actuation of the high level switch on the motor driven pump.

(Motor Driven Pail Can Pump)


The mechanism of this pump has been simplified, which means that the pump body alone is a light 65 kg or so. The suction performance of high-viscosity grease has been improved.

(Motor Driven Drum Can Pump with Air Type Elevator Unit)


Adoption of an air type elevator unit enables the drum to be easily replaced. The mechanically operated safety stopper safely and reliably prevents the drum can from falling off.

(Motor Driven Grease Pump)

mbThis automatic lubricating system has been designed to be simple and streamlined, and uses a single-piston pump mechanism which is driven by a geared motor.

(Motor Driven Pail Can Pump)


Adoption of a lipped follower plate has considerably improved the amount of residual grease over that of the convention motor driven pail can pump (LPP).

(Residual Grease Reduction Motor Driven Drum Can Pump)


Greatly reduces the amount of residual grease (90% cut compared to our previous models). With the use of air injection separation, drum removal is safe and easy.

(Residual Grease Reduction Air Type Elevator Unit)


Main components are enclosed inside the cover of the elevator unit. This results in a simple exterior and protects components inside from dust and foreign matter.

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