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UE.UEC 108.225 (Motor Driven Grease Pump)


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This automatic lubricating system has been designed to be simple and streamlined, and uses a single-piston pump mechanism which is driven by a geared motor.
• Motor Capacity Reduced Due to Improved Efficiency
Use of a geared motor drive has improved efficiency, and this has reduced motor output to one half of that of previous models (in-house comparison).

• Simple Pump Mechanism
As a result of a non-spring check valve and single-piston pump mechanism, the pump mechanism is kept simple and is almost fault-free.
• Can Meet a Wide Range of Applications
With two different discharge quantities and two types of piping systems, the pump best suited to the user’s specific requirements can be selected.
• Low-cost Automatic Lubrication
The pump and control panel are integrated, which enables easy automatic lubrication. Also, even more substantial automatic lubrication is possible if this pump operated with a separately installed standard electric control panel.


Model Discharge
Geared motor Tank
50Hz 60Hz Rotation speed
Capacity Direction of rotation
50Hz 60Hz
UE-108AN 30 36 21 37 45 0.1kW4P Possible to make both left and right rotations 8 Lance type 52
UE-108AL Loop type
UE-225AN 64 76 78 94 0.2kW4P 25 Lance type 102
UE-225AL Loop type

Explanation of Model Symbols

• Item marked by an asterisk * is applied to only the UE-108 type.
• Some pump models cannot be configured as some combinations of model symbols are not possible. Consult with us before use.

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