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BA (Grease Filling Pump)


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OverviewGrease can be filled by electric motor and, moreover, by automatic operation.
The start time and stopping method are controlled by push button operation, and the pump is automatically stopped by actuation of the high level switch on the motor driven pump.


Single Dual
Model BA-2HN/BA-24HN BA-2/BA-24 BA-2H/BA-24H
Max. pressure (MPa) 6 3 6
Discharge quantity (L/min) 50Hz 0.52 1.17 0.52
60Hz 0.63 1.40 0.63
Electric Motor 0.4 kw 4 poles 3-phase Class E 200 V AC
Pump rotation speed (min-1) 50Hz 60
60Hz 72
Speed reduction ratio 1/25 (built-in)
Direction of rotation Counterclockwise Rotation
Lubricating oil used Gear oil industrial use  Class 2  0.35 L
Weight (kg) 53

* Select NLGI consistency #0 to #2 for centralized lubrication for the grease used. (Note, however, the grease used shall be unworked with the consistency of 240 or more at the operating temperature.)
* Lubricating oil used JISK219  Class 2 ISO VG220 or equivalent

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