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(Spray Lubricating System)

スプロイルVarious methods of lubricating machine gears, cams and chains, such as conventional drip, oil bath and mist lubrication methods, are adopted depending on the situation.

Pallet Wheel Grease Feeder

パレット車輪給脂装置This equipment automatically lubricates the wheel bearings of trolleys with an adequate amount of oil during operation to extend the service life of facilities and prevent hazards.

Chain Grease Feeder

チェン自動給脂装置Conveying facilities that use chain conveyors are widely used in various industries such as iron and steel making and the automobile industry to streamline and save labor in manufacturing.

Trolley grease feeder


This feeder can be easily installed thanks to a more compact and lighter weight design. It uses factory air to automatically and reliably feed grease during conveyor operation to ensure that conveyors run most efficiently.



Use of standard couplings is recommended to ensure that Daikin centralized lubricating systems are lubricated more adequately, reliably and at lower cost.

Simalube automatic lubricator

Automation of grease feeding work

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