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Manually Operated Pump System

Manually Operated Pump System

• Simple system results in low equipment expenditure.
• Suited to medium-scale equipment and facilities that have long lubrication intervals.
• Simple operation enables easy lubrication.

System Operation
A “pump indicator” is integrated into the manually operated pump to check the planned amount of lubrication.
By installing an extra discharging port and connecting this to the return port of the pump when planning a 1st distributing valve, the amount discharged from the distributing valve can be checked on the pump indicator.

Circuit Diagram

Note) When this system is used for oil, configuration should be limited up to the two-stage progressive configuration.


1 Pump KM type
2 Distributing valve MJN, M, MX type
3 Reset indicator or automatic relief indicator MJN, M, MX type
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